12 September 2010

sick weekend

I am sick and tired! Not of anything or anyone, just sick again and tired also.

On Saturday me and the husband visited the ladies at Harvest Textiles. We did the advanced screenprinting class. Loved the class and I think the Harvest girls are all top notch excellent. I had not done any preparation work for it and so I took along some things I'd drawn along the way and designed something from scratch. I am quite happy with the result. Not so much my colour choice though.

Then I made the best Lemon and Rosemary Potato Roast Chicken, found on my favourite food blog Ezra Pound Cake (which I love for its name alone AND the recipes too). Then we did a late evening gocco session for the wedding. I am totally over the whole "DIY" wedding thing - it's very much the wedding look du jour but it's turning into a decidedly off-the-rack trend that has a distinct "made in China" flavour. I think if I see one more picture of a homemade jam favour label, I will quietly implode. So I have been avoiding wedding blogs and generally focussed on making buntings and goccoing CD sleeves. More on that later!

My fabric 

Talented husband fabric
Screens drying
Busy peeps printing away in the calm space that is the Ink & Spindle studio!
Hands up, chicken hands up
Midnight Gocco 


Chantal said...

Sorry that you are unwell, but on the upside its not reflected in your work! Your print from the course look fabulous : )

Shine Little Light* said...

Prints look stupendous! Totally hear you on the wedding trend thing. Part of me is glad I didnt read wedding blogs before I got married, the pressure is kind of enourmous.. I'm sick of cocktails in jam jars. Looks nice in the photo's but really... is it practicle?