13 September 2010

Wedding CD Sleeves Gocco

Here is what we gocco'ed on Saturday night : CD sleeves which we will use as place cards for the wedding. They will also contain a butt-kicking mix of our favourite tunes - and double up as "favours" (no home made jam at my wedding thanks).  The CD sleeves are recycled paper ones, by Ecocern.
We used the same design and image we gocco'ed on our wedding invitations. Now we just need to pack them into our big suitcase, take them on the plane to Munich, and get ready to par-tay! I hope our guests will like them too!


Maxabella said...

I know I would love them if I was coming!! What a fab idea and they are beautifully made.

I've never heard of 'gocco'ing before. Off to hit google now!! x

Chantal said...

Cool design! You're wedding guests are going to love these.

katiecrackernuts said...

Such a great idea. I love it. A groovy way to celebrate.

Estelle said...

They look brilliant and so easy to transport. I must get my gocco out, it's been too long!