15 March 2010

Question Time - Gocco

There's really only two questions I've been asked repeatedly:
What model do you use? Where do you get a Gocco?
We got ours at Eckersley's and I am told they stock them in all their stores. They also stock most supplies at fair prices. You can also get the Gocco online at Nehoc, the company who is distributing Gocco equipment: http://www.nehoc.com.au/. We got a PG5 basic set - the other available model is the PG11 which is more expensive but otherwise pretty similar. It's a tiny bit larger I believe and has some added features.

The best Gocco advice comes from Ms Pip at Mike's: here and here - you can read these posts and then you will know almost everything there is to know about the Gocco!


Anonymous said...
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Tania said...

I am in possession of a secondhand gocco and CHAMPING at the bit! Trying to nut out how many kazillion things I can squeeze into my one five hour per week printery window!