14 March 2010

mad woman

I appear to have thrown all my new year convictions out the window and have gone back to my mildly insane crafty ways. I have made my first quilt top - it's for my little niece. I hacked into piles of fabric with abandon, without measuring properly, excitedly throwing squares around and sewing them together wonkily. I attempted to be more mathematical about planning my quilt, but because I am numerically challenged and insanely impatient, I started cutting into the fabric with the rotary cutter before I knew it and there we are. It's slightly wonky. But I like it. I like the gentle colours and the randomness. But I will try and be a bit more structured next time.

And behold - the thousands of piles of fabrics I purchased for the next quilt, for niece number 2.


One Flew Over said...

It looks fantastic Tina! can't wait to see number 2!!

Gina said...

Oh, now, you're my kind of quilter! I love it to bits. I'm an impatient hacker-type as well. Have been cutting up strips for a kind of bricky quilt.

I also love the mix of fabrics for the next quilt. Very ecclectic - you seem to have a good eye for mixing very random fabrics. After the monochrome I've been working with, my next quilt is looking very ecclectic indeedy... yay.

Posie Patchwork said...

Lovely, fun & skilled quilting there!! Enjoy, it gets addictive!! Love Posie