25 March 2010

Mi Casa E Sick Casa

 I am still sick, so this week I've been moping around the house, doing things that don't take much energy. Like practising making the flower decorations for the wedding: with vases and jugs from the op shop and lace border scraps from the op shop. And flowers from the market because they don't sell them at the op shop.

And positioning these guys - they arrived in a package from Modish Vintage on Etsy. My favourite is the snooty duck, but I also love the owl who doesn't know it's rude to stare and the little elephant. 

I also framed this, I saw it on Etsy and bought it immediately. I love all their other letterpress prints too! 
I don't speak Norwegian, but any language that has a word like favorittperson in must be the best language ever. 

Love throwing pink and red together. Some grannying I've been doing - I love to make giant granny square blankets. I've been trying other types of crochet but I love the rhythm of granny squaring - so meditative and I can watch TV while I do it (so meditative as well).The cushion underneath I made from some Etsy fabric. I love that fabric, so no one in this house is allowed to balance their dinner plate on it (note to self).

I'm not creative spacing this week because my space is quite sick (not as in, sick y'all where my homies at, but sick with tissues and Vicks Vaporub) but not creative but I'll visit Kirsty later on and see what everyone's been up to!


One Flew Over said...

Hope you feel better soon xxx

Kath said...

I love your pink granny square rug is fab! My next project will be a granny square cushion. (-:

prashant said...

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