25 March 2010

Don't Palm Us OFf

Hi everyone

if you got a minute, and you like Orangutans like me, can you go over to Zoos Victoria's page and sign their online petition to ensure Palm Oil gets labelled on all our foods. Palm oil is found in about 40 percent of the food products on our shelves and its rampant cultivation is destroying the Orangutan's habitat at an alarming rate. The United Nations has warned that Orangutans could be extinct within a generation if we don't act quickly. It appears that Cadbury's have already announced they will stop using palm oil in their products - but I'd still like to know where else it's in, so I can stop buying those products! Nestle is apparently the biggest culprit so bye bye KitKats - not using any more Nestle products where I can avoid it. 

Sign the petition here

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