21 March 2010


It's been a bit quiet on the front because it appears I am constantly sick. The GP, after taking an estimated 400 litres of blood out of several holes in my arms, says there is nothing wrong with me and that I have to just get used to the Australasian viruses that my European Gimp system isn't used to yet. Ooookay! That sounds like fun. On the upside, I have been doing lots of Etsy shopping and Ebaying obscure Norwegian tableware reading - and if you have a 13-18 year old in your home I recommend you give them this:

The book is so amazing. I couldn't stop reading and I read the sequel too. I do a lot of reading for my job but this is a special book that got me really excited.

Of course there's also been wedding planning going on here, and our venue in Munich cancelled on us which was pretty heartbreaking but I am working on finding something new. I'm oddly calm about it.

I have been op shopping for our decorations and let's just say they will involve doilies, vintage teacups and purple jellybeans. I will show you what I'm talking about soon! I bought some flowers from the market to practice making my bouquet (I didn't want one at first, but this was met with so many horrified gasps that I caved in) and the flower decorations too. They turned out really nice.

I am getting tired of all the wedding blogs I've been looking at. It all seems so cookie cutter cute. If I see one more fun photo booth where people pose cutely with fake beards I will explode. I just typed "bears" there accidentally.  Posing with fake bears - bring it on.

But there are some nice new highights: For example, http://www.soyoureengayged.com/, a wedding blog for gay couples. Hurrah! I also love this one: http://www.apracticalwedding.com/
Plus we got our wedding rings this week - they are beautiful. I'm so glad we decided to spend that money and go with our hearts. I'll wear that thing for the rest of my life and it's lovely that we got an Australian designer to make them for us. Totally worth eating bread and water for a few weeks.

Finally, something I HAD to get for future husband from Button Empire on Etsy. Brilliant. 

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Posie Patchwork said...

Oh get well soon. Bit harsh being told to toughen up & get used to our bugs!! My 4 children were born in Darwin/ tropics & never get sick, everything up there can kill you from mosquitoes to bats, soil to crocodiles. They are tough!! Thanks for the tip on the book, my eldest might like it. Happy wedding planning, love Posie