02 May 2011

Baby Essentials

Screenprinted Scandinavian Flowers
Screenprinted Owl
When you are overwhelmed by life in general and also by what kind of carseat to by for your newborn, and facing all kinds of other debilitating decisions on nursery equipment on a shoestring budget, then the best thing to do is clearly to stick to the essentials. In my case, I went forth to purchase these prints and this owl. The baby won't need a crib if it can play with this owl. Please do not disapprove of my logic.

Ps: We have started buying proper things for the baby. We also have to move house and my mum is here on an extended visit, so it's not been a calm and peaceful time! I got very overwhelmed with what to buy for this baby. We have lots of offers of second-hand things that are so much appreciated I can't tell you. We have picked out a pram and my mum bought us an ErgoCarrier (did you know that baby bjorns are bad for your baby's hip joints. I didn't either. But my sister knows everything). At the moment I'm working out on how babies sleep. In bags, it turns out. What kind of sleeping bag to buy is a whole different story...


Georgie Love said...

I spent THREE FULL DAYS researching prams before I bought my first and then just a couple of hours with my second. It's SO stupidly confusing PLUS with so much baby stuff, people tell you it's a "MUST HAVE" and it's not - a lot of stuff is popular because of fashion or colour rather than serious stuff and necessity.

If you ever want a tea and chat with a cynical pregnant 2nd timer lady, or a trip to IKEA, let me know. :-)

Squiggly Rainbow said...

So much to process for you. It feels like a long time ago for me, and I'm only 33, my youngest is 6. Stick to as natural as possible I say xoxo