14 May 2011

Emily Green

I found out about Emily Green from the Harvest girls. I couldn't resist this one.
PS: What are your favourite baby knit patterns? I'm going mad on Ravelry trying to decide! 

I am really enjoying THIS blog at the moment
And because I love Maggie Beer we will cook the roast chicken she made on Masterchef tomorrow.


Kate said...

Loads of babies popping out around here right now and I'm currently in a Milo making frenzy. I've just cast off number two and am about to start another. It is such a great pattern. I couldn't recommend it highly enough.

fast times in münchen. said...

Ha, I love the label you've given to this post!! I tried to comment on your last post on friday but Blogger was being a major pain. Happy birthday to your papa. What an amazing person he must've been. xxx

fast times in münchen. said...

And a HUGE congrats on that belly of yours!! Wow, when are you due? Give it a big rub for me. xx