16 May 2011

Stupid Cowl.

Here's the bobbled cowl in all its finished bobbly glory. Sadly it is of an annoying size. I can't wrap it around my neck twice, and it is a bit too wide to offer snug winter comfort. I'm sure this is because I didn't really go by the wool recommendations in the pattern, and because I am a lose knitter and didn't do a swatch. I must applaud myself for taking such good preparatory measures with my knitting to make sure it turns out right.

I have never knitted a sample swatch in my life. Shame, shame, shame on me! If I am a fan of anything, it would have to be cutting corners. Even if it means producing more fails than any whale in the ocean ever could.

I suppose I could find other creative uses for the cowl.

A belly warmer?


Tania said...

A bobbled belly warmer sounds fabulous. Although, any chance you could block the LIVING DAYLIGHTS out of it and thus convince a double neck wrap?

bec said...

I would say try and SHRINK it, or a boob tube.

Love_Again said...

yes, i too am a corner cutter..and this is exactly the kinda fail that would occur with me, but i'm sure you'll find something else to do with this lovely bobbled knit. the colour is great.

Gina said...

Oh I'd love to see it as a belly warmer Tina. And hearty congrats, by the way - so thrilledfor you. I'm finally back in the loop and catching up on a few months of posts. Spring is a lovely time to have a bub.