18 April 2011


Wow. I finished something! These photos are attempts at snapping my own head.
I made up this pattern for a friend, whose pretty head I could picture in this mega chunky beanie. It turned out a little large and has some little mistakes in it, so I might just need to keep this one or give it to the husband to wear.

I still have not been back into the sewing room - I struggle calling it studio because it looks a lot more like a primary school craft enclosure. Everytime I go in there I just feel foggy brained and overwhelmed. Turns out I am rather anaemic so that might explain the general fogginess. The good thing about having to go to the doctors so much is listening to the little heart beat at every visit. I just love lying there listening to the little heart sounds. I felt some little kicks the other day too. I want more of those, but this baby is a snoozer. Just like its mother it's taking things slowly.

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