10 January 2011

Website and Shop are open!

I am so excited to tell you that both my website and Etsy shop are online!
I spent a lot of time doing the photography and struggled a bit with it but it's turned out nice!
I also made the website and I hope you like it. I really have a very deep dislike for Wordpress now I can tell you. Oh my.

I hope you like it and I'm looking forward to your feedback as always!
And please spread the word if you fancy it too! xx


Kate said...

Its all so very exciting! I think its all looking loverly. I particularly love that last top.

babygalah said...

LOVE it! You are very clever creating your own website. It looks clean, easy to navigate and your very cute creations jump off the page! I love the pants with the Qantas kangaroo on them. Hope you get lots and lots of sales, Dee

shine little light* said...

They are both beautiful! Well fricken done!!!

WallFry said...

I haven't been able to move past the gorgeous outfits to check out the website yet, soo funky!