20 January 2011


1. Sewing on interfacing is not for me. Presumably you are supposed to cut out your fabric shapes, then pin onto interfacing, cut interfacing, then iron on. I usually place the pattern pieces  or shapes I cut out of fabric right side down onto my ironing board, lay interfacing right side down on top, iron liberally, then spent remainder of afternoon peeling and picking gluey bits of ironing board. It probably saves no time at all.

2. I am channeling my inner Lotta Jansdotter (who is my all time hero) and printing with tape. I made a few stripey things as I am going through a stripey phase (and still have not gotten my act together to actually get some screens exposed).

3. I am in a creative funk and I turn my very own nose up and most of the things I come up with. I think it's because I spend too much time overthinking and less time mingling and getting inspiration from the real world. I just feel a little too cruddy to do anything about it.

4. I am so loving reading this awesome blog by a lovely lady who is currently living in my lovely hometown of Munich. It is making me homesick, but happy! I do very much miss the seasons at home -
I love spring and autumn in particular because they bring amazing smells and light and colours that you don't get here. But then again I can stand on my balcony and sniff the sea air and feel less like complaining. But home is where the heart is, so little pangs of homesickness never go away.


Posie Patchwork said...

Interfacing is not my friend either, i prefer iron adhesive to stiffen things, usually works & doesn't end in tears!!
Munich, ah, went in July, stunning, the patchwork of countryside you fly over to arrive at the airport, glorious.
Wishing your homesickness away, love Posie

babygalah said...

ok, so I commented on this post, but actually on the last post! Told i was in a funk....dee x