09 January 2011

Dance like nobody's watching

When we went to Venice last year we got lost one evening and ended up at this festival on a square. Lots of Italians, eating sausages and drinking vino out of giant plastic Evian bottles. There was one couple,  they must have been around 70, dancing to every single song. They were wearing their Sunday best and I bet you they have been going to the exact same festival for all their lives, dancing together. You can see them in this video, spinning around.
I thought they were amazing. I wanted my new husband to grab me and take me for a perfect dance too. Sadly I only had 9 toenails at the time and couldn't move much and he was busy anyway sourcing more Evian-bottled vino. Maybe when we're 70 we'll enroll in a salsa class.


Posie Patchwork said...

Oh how lovely. I went back to Venice with my husband last year on a second honeymoon, we loved getting lost & finding new places (to eat gelato, not dance sadly) & had such a ball. The more you go back the more you find there. Love Posie

once upon a time said...

Venice, my favourite city. I loved wandering there too. I had the best spaghetti alle vongole in an out of the way bar cooked by a man wearing a Fosters singlet and smoking a cigarette over the frypan!

Anonymous said...

Regardless of geography, these two are the stuff dreams are made of. If only more of us married couples could capture abit of this.They are lovely. sue