27 June 2010

Road Test

I've been experimenting with making my own patterns for small people. I drew a pattern for these pants from scratch - all I knew was that I wanted light summer pants with a big comfy waist band. This is one the prototypes I came up with. Both test mother and test baby were quite delighted. My niece road tested these on the balcony and the floor and they appear to be very good for crawling and attempting to take a few first steps. The bum area needs to be increased - for maximum nappy wearing style and comfort.
I'm working on a way to make these as sustainable as possible. I like this phase of doing something new and finding so much joy in it. I'm excited!

"I'm too cute for these pants. Get me out of here." 

1 comment:

Sally said...

The pants look wonderful. Love the fabric. Love the style. Your neice is TOO cute.