23 June 2010

My favourite kind of grocery

I went grocery shopping in Zurich where I spent a bit of time with my husband.  I passed this obscure little wool shop on the way back from the supermarket, so of course I walked in. It was tiny and the lady who owned it was watching the football and swearing in Swiss German so I got a bit frightened, but then she told me in English that she was selling all the wool at 50% off! So I immediately bought a ton of Italian merino wool - for about 2,50 dollars each. Praise the crafty spirits! And when I finished paying, the lady pointed at my grocery bag and asked "straight onto the vegetables?" and chucked the wool in. Have you ever seen a nicer grocery bag? I think not.

PS: There are no plastic bags in Switzerland. It's either paper or bring your own. Hurrah!

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