16 June 2010

Away We Go!

A personal thanks to Dave Eggers and Sam Mendes for making this movie - it is my favourite movie of the year so far. Or maybe also last year. It has most of my favourite actresses in it. Alison Janney - high five! And Maggie Gyllenhall is playing the funniest weirdo I've seen in ages. I laughed so much. It's like a lovely mug of hot chocolate on one of these poopy rainy days in Zurich. Maybe I only like it so much because we are also unsettled and living all over the shop. But even if you've always lived in the same spot you'll probably love it.

You can watch the trailer here

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Posie Patchwork said...

Oh i love Alsion Janney too, she can do SO many different roles, then i found her at the end of LOST?? What, she's the mother of all the weirdness, too spooky. Love Posie