14 January 2010

my rant will go on and on

We just had the first ever meeting with a wedding celebrant and it was AWFUL. Felt like buying a car (a Porsche when all I want a vintage Fiat Cinquecento!), plus the lady forgot to ask ANYTHING about us. I have recurring nightmares of her jumping out of a cake full of confetti in the middle of the ceremony and singing the theme song from Titanic. We fled.

What's massively cheered me up is that the lovely Jess emailed a link to this wedding.
I absolutely love it. Exactly the kind of slightly crazy handmade love-filled scenario I'm after.

We have thought about our invitations and there will be two different sets - the first one will be a mixtape CD with a handmade booklet invitation mailed out to everyone attending the Melbourne wedding, and the other one will be a card and treasure map pack sent out for the Munich wedding. I would love to print these myself but I don't have any experience in printing and I don't have a Gocco either. I will either need to get them printed or somehow ebay the hell out of a Gocco.

Some beautiful invitations I've seen elsewhere:

via The Bride's Cafe (thanks Sallly)


Anonymous said...

Very nice and I love your ideas out here. By the way, I attended a friend's outdoor wedding and it is truly romantic. Their wedding ceremony and decorations really match their vision and budget. It's really memorable. Worth checking!

Cindy said...

Can't you just write "come you love us and we have free food" on a napkin? Don't be put off by dodgy celebrant, ours was super lovely and I am sure you will find a non-titanic one

Tina - Melbourne Vintage said...

Cindy, the idea with the napkins is cute ... need to get the old brain cells working...

Cath from chunkychooky said...

have you thought about getting some invites made via alchemy on etsy?? I have had custom stuff doen and it was brilliant.
Also have you looked on flickr for inspiration??

I laughed out loud when you described the celebrant. Ours couldn't get over the fact that we weren't going to meet her before the ceremony and could I just do it all via email? ( as we got married 550kms away from hwere we live)
we did and it was fine.

Gina said...

Hope you find a good celebrant. All the other stuff I am sure will fall into place but the person who is conducting the ceremony can really make a meal of a wedding! (I've played lots of string quartet gigs at weddings so have seen my fair share of good ones and shockers!).

So many cute invite options... awesome.