21 January 2010

Deborah Louie

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Deborah Louie is doing a couple of quilting classes at Amitie soon. Quilt Queen Kate recommended her very passionately - I don't think I will make it along this time round so I will need to wait.

In the meantime I am planning to make a (wonky) wedding quilt using a pattern I found on the Purlbee. I am pacing myself and trying to think carefully about colours and motifs before I start. I am thinking of either putting our initials on there, which seems a bit dry. Or creating little special blocks with a bit more meaning.

In other news, we are getting our wedding rings, the only truly expensive thing in this park/pub wedding, made for us by Melbourne designer Amy Renshaw. I feel these rings are important and I want to get them done by someone whose work I love. Also totally supporting local artisans *high five*. 

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Little Waltz said...

Oh, the sound of a handmade and opped wedding sounds absolutely fantastic! This tickles my fancy in so many ways!

And thank you for following my blog! You have a lovely blog here so count me in as a follower now as well. =D