02 January 2010

Hello 2010!!!

I spent the New Year somewhere near Abu Dhabi on a plane - after an involuntary 2 day stopover in Abu Dhabi, due to some projectile vomitting on my part. That, ta da, in typical 2009 fashion marks the end of a mildly rubbish 2009 and the beginning of a fabulous 2010!!!

2009 had lots of good things.

good reads. for example.

interesting baking. discovering yummy craft supplies. craft success.

going home. meeting my niece. seeing my friends.

looking like a horse-faced version of James Dean at The Wall in Berlin. (note: must not pull same face in wedding photo).

always having someone similarly unphotogenic at my side.

christmas with the family. a tree with real candles!

for the best thing 2009 had to offer, see previous post.

I hope you have a wonderful new year with many great successes and celebrations, lots of laughing at things going wrong, lots of friends to laugh with you and a nice pair of heels to kick perfectionism in the butt.

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