05 January 2010

Sorry about this, but I have to hijack this space for sharing some of my delirious excitement about my wedding. I looked at some things online and it appears that people spend CRAZY lots of money on their nuptials. Pumpkin-style carriages, wedding coordinators, 5 layers of cake on the bride's head, lavender-coloured bridesmaid dresses - do you want a destination wedding or a home wedding? Have you remembered to hire a private jet for the grapes from France that will be flown to Melbourne and turned into wine that will spell out your groom's name when spilled? I say it works for some people and I would really love to attend a wedding like that, but for me.... no.

So we have come to the conclusion: we will have an outside wedding in the midst of winter in a garden somewhere in June featuring fairylights and handwarmers and champagne drunk out of picnic glasses. There won't be bridesmaids and there won't be 80 people. There will be 30 people we care about. So we can talk to them. Then there will be dinner. Because this bride is always hungry.

But that being said, if you know of any gigantic bridezilla wedding I could gatecrash, please let me know! I do love those kinds of parties.


Two Hearts said...

its too hot for me to think of fur coats - but i must have one for winter!

A Life So Peachy said...

sounds like your 'big day' will be just wonderful!

Georgie Love said...

It sounds perfect! I am the same and for my wedding (and I am now divorced, it's a long story and happy to be over), I had a budget of 10K and fell within that. It can be done - just don't believe the hype.

So you are home? When did you want to catch up for a coffee? I am around and relaxed at the mo, so am ready to go! I can give you a tour of hills oppies if you like!

OH! And my word verification is wintri! How freaking perfect.

Mary said...

Your wedding plans sound wonderful! (Coming from someone who got married outside in July in Melbourne with less than 50 people there cept our champers was in glass and my furry cream jacket was fake and came from the opshop and was worn over the top of a red silk dress my sister made. Jeans would have been fine too though. Oh and my neighbour cooked us all a big pot of chicken something or other because we ate all the fancy wedding food and were still hungry)