09 November 2009


Hello! How has your week been?

Mine has been a bit mad. I had some girlfriends staying who came to see me all the way from Munich -  I'm a lucky girl. We had lots of fun - I dragged them all around Fitzroy and took them to see some favourite shops and then we of course drank many glasses of cider in the sun. Actually in the cloudy mist. Because last week was still cloudy, this week it's heating up. I'm not complaining! Yet.

The pictured top had a previous life as a dress. I started off using the Anda Pattern from Burda and as usual cut it out a size too big. I don't know why I can't get the measuring bit right. I suppose it's something to do with my height. So I took it in at the side seams and widened the neckline, and used bias binding to finish that off, to add a bit of non-floral contrast to calm the eyes. And then I looked like badly proportioned giraffe trapped in a tube of flowery wallpaper.

Subsequently I decided I'm not the floral dress type. So I chopped the bottom half off, and instead of using the drawstring the pattern suggests I added some random darts in the front and back sections to create a kind of bubble shape. Add an oppy button, and hooray! Pretty floral top. The fabric is from Darn Cheap. The skirt is the delightful denim skirt bought at Georgie Love a while ago. It is, as promised, the best denim skirt ever. Sort of like a comfortable, but attractive vintage couch.

I am now working on a skirt which I'm making out of organic cotton bought at Amitie. It is my most treasured fabric as it was expensive and it's a beautiful shade of blue so I'm getting every single inch possible out of it. And not rushing it, and not cutting corners. And not being messy. And tidying the seams.

Enjoy the warm weather!


Tania said...

The last bit? The bit about not cutting corners, not rushing or being messy - tidying the seams even? I'm inspired. I'm taking a leaf out of your book, and seeing where it takes me. Nice florally top too.

Tina - Melbourne Vintage said...

I will try hard to stick to it this time Tania so whenever I feel a rush of madness coming on and I want to cut any corners at all I shout 'abandon ship' and leave the room. Release the fabric! Step away from the sewing machine!

Georgie Love said...

Hooray for everything! And that the skirts lives up to expectations. I died from tiredness, am waiting to rise like a PHOENIX from my dirty ashes and do something social or at least bloggy soon. Till then, back to the grave.

Tina - Melbourne Vintage said...

WELL I will allow you to recover for now. Expect more pestering next week!

Gina said...

Now this, this is GORGEOUS. I love it. Great colours, great shape and fit. Beautiful.