25 November 2009


Spent a few nights these week making this very simple frock - using some stripy fabric I've had for a while. I added a bit of wool felt string I had lying around to the neckline. I cut the material using the same ole Burda pattern I've been using for a while now - it doesn't seem to fit whatever I do so I hacked around for a while until it was a shape I could live and walk around with. I amended the neckline and widened it and played around with the felt until it looked, well, like this! I like to create necklines by folding the fabric over to the inside once and sewing around - then adding some bias tape or neckline binding made from the same material as the piece I'm sewing -  it makes the neckline sort of stand up and outwards a bit, like a little funnel.



One Flew Over said...

Love it! And LOVE that belt x

Sally said...

Great dress!!!
YAY alright :)

Shine a Little Light said...

Yummy stripes! You're so clever! Wish I knew how to fiddle around with a collar and make it look so good! *s*