18 November 2009

my place and yours

A shopping trolley. An opped dresser. A hat. A bag. A turquoise rug. What you can't see is: heat, dust, and old, stained floorboards.

A noticeboard. It's not used for notices much, more random musings of the culinary kind. Such as the example above.

DVDs that noone remembers to post back to where they came from. Bills. Books. Books are everywhere in our house. We didn't ship much over from the UK, but we shipped two boxes of books. I guess they make me feel at home.

A board full of memorabilia. Most noticeable the invitation my unbelievably clever friend Lucy made for my Mad Hatter's 30th Tea Party. I am the rabbit in the centre. Though I'm usually not always late.
Lucy is fantastically, craftily gifted and she has something I really envy: patience. She just take her time to make all this ridiculously cute stuff. You should see the way she wraps presents. With my demented, rushing, impatient, freakshow ways and her patience and clever mad hatteriness we make a good team!

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