29 October 2009

t'is the season to be crafty


Christmas. There, I said it.

In a few weeks' time I'm going to go home to play in the snow, cuddle my niece for the very first time, drink mulled wine and eat truckloads of Plaetzchen. This year it will be a crafty christmas for me. Crafty gifts are better because:

1. they're cheaper
2. they're usually smaller and lighter than, say, a Thomas the Tank Engine bedhead, and therefore easier to ship or take places
3. they're made with sweat, love and tears.

This is the first year I've dedicated myself to making all my gifts by hand, so bear with me here as I glue, swear, knit and purl and occasionally get drunk and staple my ears together. Over the coming weeks I will post about some awesome handmade present ideas for all levels of craft-aptitude so stay toooned!

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