23 October 2009

injury sewing - continued

Here's a bad photo of what i made yesterday - another toddler dress. What's with me and the baby stuff? Don't answer that.

Please note the bad fabric placement (teapot cut off). I love that I continue to learn and grow on this sewing journey. That was my American TV speak for: Screwing up makes me get better at this. Sadly my sewing machine is not playing nicely with me anymore. I have an entry level Singer which I got given by lovely, kind friends for my 30th, so I'm rather attached to it. However it HATES sewing bias binding and ruins it, and it tends to kind of eat thinner fabrics. It's like me, always needs to eat something.  I think something may be wrong with the footer pressure. For example, when I zig zag edges, the fabric more or less swims around, the machine keeps missing heaps of stitches and the fabric crumples up. AAAARGH. Any advice?


Selina said...

has she had a service? sometimes a simple service can fix a lot of problems.

One Flew Over said...

Lovely to see you last night! Can you drop me a mail with your email address and I will send you over the links.