26 October 2009

I hope you had a great weekend!

I went to see the Quilt Project on Friday and I was blown away not only by how beautiful the end result is but also how beautiful the simple idea of bringing people together to create something is. I can not believe the detail that's gone into some of the squares, and how they were all so stunning in their own ways. I was totally inspired and drove home whistling to myself and thinking happy thoughts. Thanks to Kirsty for inviting everyone to come view the quilt and for the nibbles and champagne!

Sadly my arm is still hurting to it's been an almost craft free weekend. But it's been a lovely weekend nontheless.

Take a look at the quilt project here and be blown away!

We took our little gorgeous niece to the Aquarium on Sunday, so instead of crafty pics here's some fishy pics I took with the new camera.

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