06 October 2009


Luckily I have a terrible sinus infection and blogtoberfest is EASY when you're stuck in bed.
I finished my dress and I am super happy with it. It was the most complicated thing I've made to date. The front yoke section was tough and yes I swore like a sailor on shore leave particularly when I sewed over my fingernails and had to use the dictionary to translate instructions. Turns out it wasn't a language problem. It was a basic lack of understanding of sewing patterns problem.

I used a Sew Your Own pattern I found in the oppy for a dollar. I amended the pattern quite a bit (which for me means, chop and cut at liberty where it doesn't fit). It was too long and tenty for me so I chopped about 3 centimetres off the seamline on both sides. I also changed the neckline a bit and used bias tape to finish it off.

I like the little sleeves.

There was a bit of a moment when Mr Melbournevintage came into my room and watched me at work and said 'oh you're practising with some test fabric'. A dangerous comment because I was holding scissors and was saddened by his lack of appreciation for the lovely green cotton I picked. Also: Test fabric? Me? AHA HAHA HAHA! I do love him for giving me so much credit though.

Attention please.

Avert your eyes if you're a professional sewer.

That complicated yoke section on the front? I was supposed to replicate that in the same fabric and sew it on the inside inside-out and then turn it probably so that the seamlines on the inside would be hidden.
I swore and I cried, I just couldn't get it to work out. And to be honest I didn't want to.

So I thought frickit, and ironed a giant piece of interfacing on instead.

Unlike me it's not pretty on the inside.


One Flew Over said...

What a fantastic dress!! Love the sleeves too and nobody sees the inside..of your dress that is...err well, except for your hubby!

Georgie Love said...

Dress is gorgeous and in the perfect shade of green. Much jealousy.