16 July 2010

Ahoy! Ready to leave the sinking ship!

Oh boy! What a few weeks we've had. We had a beautiful and sad funeral service for my dad. Busy times at home with extended family staying. Lots of happy chats and tears. Enjoyed the delights of watching my little nice learn how to kiss on the cheek (the cute makes up for the slobber) and falling into the deepest pits of grief and clinbing back out. Then my Mac decided to cop out and now it's not working anymore. Just like my foot. I managed to trip over on the bike and ripped off my entire toenail. After being stopped by the police and fined and charged with criminal thisthatsomethingorother for crossing a red light on the bike. On a tiny street across from a graveyard.
Yay me.

Nothing gets me more worked up than the petty rubbish German police officers fill their days with. I was lucky I didn't start swearing at them and risk another fine for 'insulting a police officer'. I suppose they need the badge to buy respect. I would have won any old verbal match with those fellas.
I don't know why the Australian police don't wind me up as much. Maybe it's beccause they do useful things, like forceing people to wear helmets, instead of hiding on graveyards with their McDonalds and wait for evening cyclists to cross a street.
Boo bloody Boo.
I hope this is the last of the bad luck. Next week we are going to have a little mini holiday. I can't tell you how much I am longing for a few days of peace and privacy and being with my husband!

Well, I did some intermittent sewing when I wasn't at funerals or getting arrested. Using some Kokka - I LOVE this print, it reminds me of Wilbur and Charlotte (bit obvious what with the pig covered by a spider web). I made some summery pants for my nephew using the selvedge as a trim at the hem. I think they're cool. Yeah. The photos are rubbish. But given the circumstances and inability to walk I ask your forgiveness just this one time. I would actually quite like a pair of these pants in my size.

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Loz and Dinny said...

Enjoy your mini holiday - be careful ... with your kind of 'criminal' record you may be classed as a fugitive and need to be chased by interpol!

katiecrackernuts said...

You have had a bum run. I hope things start to look up. Nice to hear you found your Dad's funeral one of light and shared memories and a coming together of sorts. Sounds just the way it should be.