11 April 2010


I spent the weekend screen-printing at the beautiful Ink and Spindle studio in Kensington. What a space  to work in - I loved every second of it. 
Lara from Harvest Textiles runs the course and she is a brilliant teacher. We had lots of tea, lovely chats, and worked really hard. I am sore but happy!

We learnt about drawing designs, creating stencils for screens, tracing designs, cutting them out, and creating a continuos fabric design. We also learnt how to mix colours and print, too!

Here's our first round of designs, stencils drying on the beautiful printing table.

The lovely Lara!

First round of designs printed!

My first design!

My second design, stencil and print on fabric.

Playing with colours and layering stencils.

My continuous design printed. I love it!


One Flew Over said...

LOVE LOVE your designs!!

melissa said...

I agree - your designs are FANTASTIC!

What are you going to do with the fabric?