07 April 2010

Ad Nauseam

After being bombarded with nauseating "engagement shoots" on all the compulsory wedding blogs I read (engagement shot = where you frolick in the hay with your partner surrounded by vintage accessories including birdcages and used books and look happy and show off your ring and presumably send them to all your friends who will then secretly hate you because obviously you have too much cash lying around and can spend it on self-indulgent images of yourself), I was delighted to find The Unbride, which today featured an Ikea Engagement shot. 
Will you be my MALM... I will forever be your MORGYNDÖRD...

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Shine Little Light* said...

Okay Wow, that is what i always think about engagement shoots! Who has the money to do that?! Sure it's all very nice and may be Im kinda jealous but... gah! I dont getit.... or have the money. May be thats the problem. Hmmmm. Thanks for this post. Ikea = love.