22 May 2012


I've been making a heap of leggings for Matilda. As a tall lady she is already confronted with the problem I've been dealing with since infancy too - short pants. All her pants are too short and ride up too. I've been trying to perfect her leggings, they need to be roomy, stretchy but not loose, and long enough, plus quite warm for winter. And cute. I made some from Merino too.
Matilda decided to help out by chewing on a Simplicity pattern. 
As much as I've decided to write more on the blog I just can't seem to get to it. I'm so tired, and so...well... BORING.
I have a baby - ta da! That's the gist of it these days.
I do however have a worm farm which I'm sure you can NOT WAIT to read about soon.
Stay tuned for that riveting piece of information!

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