28 March 2012

the confused blanket

 I bought some lovely fabric for a summer quilty blanket for picnicking and beaching and outdoor frolicking. Well six months later I can tell you that it's autumn and no such blanket was made.
Instead the pile of fabric was used to collect dust under my sewing table. Occasionally I stroked the fabric lovingly. Until I found my rotary cutter in a random drawer, and there you go - I assembled a quilt top in less than five minutes, hastily sewing fat quarters together in the most boring and speedy way possible, I didn't even bother to cut the selvedges off. That's how cheap I am. Hurrah!

Since it's now autumn and we do really not need any kind of summer entertainment blanket, I, prone to in-a-flash decisions, ran to Spotlight and purchased 2,5 metres of cheap and nasty polar fleece in a minty colour. For 4 dollars a metre. Bam.

I proceeded to wonkily sew the fleece to the quilt top, without at all aligning any edges, turned it out, and here it is, with me under it, the seasonally confused blanket. In all its glory. I am actually totally loving it - it's quite heavy and has a quilty feel, but is lovely and soft (and who needs a fire place if you can listen to the gentle crackle of acrylic as you snuggle up on the couch...).


Squiggly Rainbow said...

so funny! xx

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