11 February 2010

My Creative Space

Love it. Never letting it go again!

I spent most of this week playing around with graphics and writing a little tutorial on gocco-ing photos, you can read it here. Not much going on in the craft room - it's too hot and I really don't think I can handle another day of it. An attempt to refashion some old lampshades I found on the street resulted in a very hot and bothered me, trying to detach my hands from the bin (spray glue accident). 
No more until it's cooled down!

More spaces over here!


Kirsty said...


Tania said...

The spray glue bin incident sounds ugly but only has me wanting to hear more! And woohoo for Gocco-ing! Everyone should own one (including me. Hmn).

Penny said...

Oh no! You have to be careful of that spray glue!