08 February 2010

birthday surprises!

Hello! Yes it's me on my 31st Birthday thanks! I don't look a day over 29.
But clearly I need glasses.
For my birthday we headed to somewhere near Queenscliff. It was nice and warm.
We had banana bread and carrot cake and spaghetti and wine and I was walking
around in the dress I bought for my birthday. The haircut? It's called the grow-out-wash-out.
It works particularly well when windswept. 

Slightly intoxicated, we watched the giant container ships leave and enter the bay.
It's quite frightening, how much stuff gets shipped in and out! 
This is when I didn't know how to set the camera to automatic exposure.

Then this amazing white owl came to visit and hovered above us. It was absolutely amazing.
In broad daylight! Does anyone know what kind of owl this is?
It sort of hovered and was probably hunting.

Happy Face!

And the most awesome thing is that I got a Gocco for my birthday! Morgwn got it for me! I wasn't allowed to have it until my birthday but because he's as bad at keeping secrets as I am he took me with him when he went to buy it! We just walked into Eckersley's and he got it for me. I am super excited. Watch this space because it's about to go printy!
I really hope you had a lovely weekend. 


One Flew Over said...

Happy Birthday!! can't wait to see what you and Mr Gocco get up to x

Cindy said...

Happy birthday, yeah for the aquarians! What a great pressie and day, nice way to start 31

Gina said...

So busy making a birthday cake for my own little man that I didn't wish YOU a happy birthday! Fabulous. I definitely thought you would still be mid-20s, you fooled me with your unbelieveably lovely skin. Hurumph. I feel like a grandma at 32!!! (And I can't even cite 'lack of sleep' because I know we're both in that boat :-))

Anyway, happy birthday, and clearly you and Gocco are already getting along just great.