01 September 2011

It's official - we are having a spring baby! 
In between taking baths and naps and visiting the acupuncturist to needle the baby out, I've not been doing much. I have really gone into my quiet little cocoon space in my own head just waiting for the baby. I am noticeably impatient with others and have very little capacity to listen to anyone. I think it's just my brain and body focussing and the most important task that's coming up. Most fantastically everyone seems to understand (with the odd exception of course).

I have been watching this tree in our garden. I can't figure out what kind it is. It's in our yard and it's big and it has black buds. I'm waiting for the baby, and waiting for the buds of the tree to open so I can see!

{Been obsessively making things with my circular cutter and paper!} 
Been watching old Friends and Season 2 of Parenthood.} 
Been making this really delicious and easy Apple Streusel slice.}
Been reading this great blog!} 

(My friend Laura came over to visit me and we had cake and tea and she took some belly shots. She is a photographer and they turned out amazing. I'm glad she talked me into it! She also explained my Canon 550D to me, I have been using the auto mode because I am technically so challenged, but I'm getting a bit more creative with it now I understand the basics and it's great fun!}


dropstitch said...

Aw, spring baby! Lovely :) I think I'm already in the zone where my brain is blocking out everything but the baby and I still have over four months to go! Our poor baby will be born in the bleakest of midwinter. I just hope it's not as icy as last year. I don't much fancy falling over while nine months pregnant or while carrying a tiny baby. Hope you keep enjoying these last few weeks. Exciting times!

Anonymous said...

everytime I log on to your blog I think I am going to hear about your beautiful baby.....best of luck (spring babies are the best - I can say that, I am one!) thinking of you x

Gina said...

Thinking of you and praying for a good delivery and transition into parenthood. Hmmm, word verification is 'backful' - I hope you don't have a back full of baby!

Sally said...

Good luck with everything that is to come... and in the meantime rest up - you'll be glad that you did later. Enjoy it all... baby and spring :)