23 August 2009

thirty onesy

What do you get when you turn 31? A onesy that your brother sourced from a onesy-sewing person in Ballarat. And cocoa cupcakes your lovely girlfriend made for you. And a night out with too much beer. And a bit of a hangover the next day. And the sobering thought that going out till 3am is for kids under 31 only. And an ice pack on the hip joints. And a nice night on the couch. Happy Birthday lovely boyfriend - I am sorry for stealing the onesy from you. But you don't understand - the onesy is even better than the snuggie! The onesy IS my Ashram.

1 comment:

Georgie Love said...

the onesy is AWESOME!!!!! And Fair game, I am a stranger to Mr MV, but I would be having a crack to steal it too!